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He studied classical art and at the same time virtual environments and new technologies.
With this dual preparation, he continues his  research in the field of view, from photography
to video art, to installation, developing the theme of the human person, which remains
at the center of his work. First with the project Cristo 2004, where he found
the consent in Germany with a series of exhibitions review in a quarterly magazine of art
Kunsttemiine  published in Germany,  Austria and Switzerland, and in the magazine M ART Aktuelle Ausstelllungen in Bayern. Later his research moves in the context of Fabule with experimental video-camera, reinterpreting ironically in contemporary key and with nonsense tales of the Grimm brothers .
The  work “Fabule” has taken part in international exhibitions: Open # 1 and # 2 at Magazzini del Sale
– Salt Warehouse –  of Venice, Spazioeventi Mondadori Venezia 00130
Gallery of Helsinki, Finland, Lu.C.C.A. Lucca Centre of Contemporary
Art, ACCEA Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art in  Yerevan, Armenia.
With ” I Circensi”   continues with the transformation of modern man making visible, through
metal structures, the self-modifications that himself imposes to their body, which no longer reveals in its entirety, but in the complication of the body commodified. The photographic project was awarded in 2009 by Jpeggy – Contemporary Photography | Telecom Italy | AMACI.
The work “I Circensi”  was further developed during the week of the Designer Royale
at the Mediateca of Atellani in Milan where it is set up for the occasion, the study
Manipulator der Kabinet in which the author recreated in real time, with the public, the subjects “circus”. Among the various events is invited in artistic residence at the Maison Laurentine for the Festival D’abord
les forêts … / opus 2 director Pierre Bongiovanni, France.